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Motor Vehicles - As introduced, transfers inspection and enforcement duties and responsibilities from the department of safety to the Tennessee regulatory authority. - Amends TCA Title 4, Chapter 3 and Title 65.
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    Intro., P1C.01/25/2010
    Filed for intro.01/19/2010
    Actions For SB2742Date
    Recalled from S. Trans. Comm.01/27/2010
    P2C, ref. to S. Trans Comm.01/27/2010
    Intro., P1C.01/25/2010
    Filed for intro.01/22/2010
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    This bill transfers all employees of the department of safety who police and enforce, or who assist in such policing or enforcement of, present law regarding motor carriers (providers of for hire transportation services), as well as all duties, authorities, and property used to administer such present law, to the Tennessee regulatory authority. Such duties, authority, personnel, and property must be transferred by June 30, 2011. Such transfers would be subject to the approval of a plan of transfer by a transition team and the finance, ways and means committees of the senate and house. The transition team would be composed of the comptroller of the treasury, the state treasurer, and the commissioner of finance and administration.

    Department of safety employees who serve in jobs that would be classified as career service under present civil service laws would receive the benefits and protection of career service status without further examination or competition, as long as such employees have completed at least six months of service with the department of safety upon the effective date of this bill. An employee transferred pursuant to this bill would not be subject to present civil service law regarding probationary periods, except as otherwise provided by this bill, if the employee has been employed by the state for at least six months on the effective date of the bill.

    Present civil service law regarding noncompetitive and entrance tests and appointment and promotion lists would not apply to personnel transfers made pursuant to this bill. However, any employee so transferred would be eligible to compete for promotion pursuant to present civil service law.

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