SB 3562 by *Gresham

Forfeiture of Assets - As introduced, makes vehicle used to elude or escape from police subject to seizure and forfeiture using the same procedure as vehicles used in drug violations. - Amends TCA Title 39, Chapter 16, Part 6 and Title 40, Chapter 33, Part 2.
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    P2C, ref. to S. Jud Comm.02/01/2012
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    Filed for intro.01/26/2012
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    Taken Off Notice For Cal. in s/c Judiciary Subcommittee of Judiciary Committee 02/22/2012
    Placed on s/c cal Judiciary Subcommittee for 2/22/201202/15/2012
    Assigned to s/c Judiciary Subcommittee02/01/2012
    P2C, ref. to Judiciary Committee02/01/2012
    Intro., P1C.01/30/2012
    Filed for intro.01/26/2012
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    Under present law, it is unlawful for any person, while operating a motor vehicle on any street, road, alley or highway in this state, to intentionally flee or attempt to elude any law enforcement officer, after having received any signal from the officer to bring the vehicle to a stop. A violation is a Class E felony unless the flight or attempt to elude creates a risk of death or injury to innocent bystanders or other third parties, in which case a violation is a Class D felony.

    Under present law, in addition to the penalty prescribed above, the court must order the suspension of the driver license of the person for a period of not less than six months nor more than two years. If the license is already suspended, at the time the order is issued, the suspension will begin on the date the existing suspension ends. The court must also confiscate the license being suspended and forward it to the department of safety along with a report of the license suspension.

    This bill adds that in addition to the above-described punishments, the motor vehicle used in the commission of the above-described offense will be subject to seizure and forfeiture as provided under present law.

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