Education - As enacted, requires local boards of education to adopt policies concerning a teacher's ability to relocate a student for the safety of the student and the safety of others. - Amends TCA Title 49.
SB3116 has been assigned Public Chapter Number 701 by the Secretary of State.
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    Pub. Ch. 701 04/17/2012
    Effective date(s) 04/11/1204/17/2012
    Signed by Governor04/11/2012
    Transmitted to Gov. for action.03/30/2012
    Signed by H. Speaker03/27/2012
    Signed by S. Speaker03/27/2012
    Enrolled and ready for signatures03/22/2012
    Passed H., Ayes 91, Nays 1, PNV 4 03/22/2012
    Subst. for comp. HB.03/22/2012
    Rcvd. from S., held on H. desk.03/05/2012
    Engrossed; ready for transmission to House03/01/2012
    Sponsor(s) Added.03/01/2012
    Passed S., Ayes 33, Nays 003/01/2012
    Placed on Senate Regular Calendar cal. for 3/1/201202/28/2012
    S. Reset on cal. for 3/1/1202/27/2012
    Sponsor(s) Added.02/27/2012
    Placed on Senate Consent Calendar 2 cal. for 2/27/201202/23/2012
    Rec. For Pass. ref. to: S. Cal. Comm.02/22/2012
    Placed on S. Ed. Comm. cal. for 2/22/201202/15/2012
    Action def. in S. Ed. Comm. to 2/22/1202/15/2012
    Placed on S. Ed. Comm. cal. for 2/15/201202/08/2012
    P2C, ref. to S. Ed. Comm.01/30/2012
    Sponsor(s) Added.01/26/2012
    Intro., P1C.01/26/2012
    Filed for intro.01/25/2012
    Actions For HB3241Date
    Comp. became Pub. Ch. 70104/17/2012
    Comp. SB subst. 03/22/2012
    Sponsor(s) Added.03/22/2012
    H. Placed on Regular Calendar for 3/22/201203/15/2012
    Placed on cal. Calendar & Rules Committee for 3/15/201203/14/2012
    Rec. For Pass. ref. to: Calendar & Rules Committee03/13/2012
    Placed on cal. Education Committee for 3/13/201203/07/2012
    Action def. in Education Committee to 3/13/201203/06/2012
    Sponsor(s) Added.03/05/2012
    Placed on cal. Education Committee for 3/6/201202/29/2012
    Rec. For Pass. by s/c ref. to Education Committee 02/29/2012
    Sponsor(s) Added.02/29/2012
    Sponsor(s) Added.02/28/2012
    Placed on s/c cal Education Subcommittee for 2/29/201202/22/2012
    Assigned to s/c Education Subcommittee02/01/2012
    P2C, ref. to Education Committee01/30/2012
    Intro., P1C.01/26/2012
    Filed for intro.01/25/2012
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    Bill Summary

    This bill requires each local board of education to adopt a complete policy regarding a teacher's ability to relocate a student from the student's present location to another location for the student's safety or the safety of others. The use of reasonable or justifiable force, if required to accomplish this task due to the unwillingness of the student to cooperate, is allowed. If steps beyond the use of reasonable or justifiable force are required, the student will be allowed to remain in place until such a time as local law enforcement officers or school resource officers can be summoned to relocate the student or take the student into custody until such a time as a parent or guardian can retrieve the student. This policy will also cover teachers' authorization to intervene in a physical altercation between two or more students, or between a student and LEA employees using reasonable or justifiable force upon a student, if necessary to end the altercation by relocating the student to another location.

    This bill specifies that the above-described policy will be in effect on school property, as well as at official school functions, including, but not limited to sporting events and approved field trips, taking place away from the local school property. Those covered by this policy include LEA employees who are directly responsible for the student's education or who otherwise interact with the student on a professional basis while acting within the scope of their assigned duties including, but not limited to, administrators, teachers, school support staff, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, and school resource officers.

    The policy must require a teacher to file a brief report with the principal detailing the situation that required the relocation of the student. Either the report will be kept in a student discipline file and not become a part of the student's permanent record or it shall be will in the student's permanent record, if the student's behavior violated the LEA's zero tolerance policy. The student is then subject to additional disciplinary action that may include suspension or expulsion from the school. The principal or the principal's designee must notify the teacher involved of the actions taken to address the behavior of the relocated student.

    Each principal must fully support the authority of every teacher in the principal's school to relocate a student under this bill. Each school principal must implement the policies and procedures of the local board of education relating to the authority of every teacher to relocate a student and disseminate such policies and procedures to the students, faculty, staff, and parents or guardian of students. The policy must comply with state and federal laws regarding the placements of students.

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  • House Floor and Committee Votes

    House moved to substitute and conform to HB3241


              Representatives voting aye were: Alexander, Armstrong, Bass, Brooks H, Brooks K, Butt, Campbell, Camper, Carr, Casada, Casada, Cobb, Coley, Cooper, Curtiss, Dean, DeBerry J, DeBerry L, Dennis, Dunn, Elam, Eldridge, Evans, Faison, Fitzhugh, Fitzhugh, Floyd, Ford, Forgety, Gilmore, Gotto, Halford, Hall, Hardaway, Harrison, Harwell, Hawk, Hawk, Haynes, Hensley, Hill, Holt, Hurley, Johnson C, Johnson C, Johnson P, Jones S, Keisling, Kernell, Lollar, Lundberg, Maggart, Marsh, Matheny, McDaniel, McDaniel, McDonald, McManus, Miller D, Miller L, Montgomery, Moore, Naifeh, Niceley, Odom, Parkinson, Pitts, Pody, Powers, Ragan, Ramsey, Rich, Roach, Sanderson, Sargent, Sexton, Shaw, Shepard, Shipley, Sontany, Sparks, Stewart, Swann, Tidwell, Tindell, Todd, Towns, Turner J, Turner M, Watson, Weaver, White, Williams K, Williams R, Wirgau, Womick, Mr. Speaker Harwell, Mr. Speaker Naifeh, Mr. Speaker Williams K -- 91.
              Representatives voting no were: Pruitt -- 1.

              HB3241 by Brooks H - HOUSE CALENDAR & RULES COMMITTEE:
    Recommended for passage - refer to: House Regular Calendar 1 3/15/2012
              Voice Vote - Ayes Prevail

    Recommended for passage - refer to: Calendar & Rules Committee 3/13/2012
              Voice Vote - Ayes Prevail

    Recommended for passage - refer to: Education Committee 2/29/2012
              Voice Vote - Ayes Prevail

    Senate Floor and Committee Votes

    SB3116 by Gresham - FLOOR VOTE: THIRD CONSIDERATION 3/1/2012

              Senators voting aye were: Barnes, Beavers, Bell, Berke, Burks, Campfield, Crowe, Faulk, Finney L, Ford, Gresham, Harper, Haynes, Henry, Herron, Johnson, Kelsey, Ketron, Kyle, Marrero, Massey, McNally, Norris, Overbey, Ramsey, Roberts, Southerland, Stewart, Summerville, Tate, Tracy, Watson, Yager, Mr. Speaker McNally, Mr. Speaker Ramsey -- 33.

    Recommended for passage - refer to: S. Cal. Comm. 2/22/2012

              Senators voting aye were: Berke, Campfield, Crowe, Gresham, Kelsey, Summerville, Tate, Tracy -- 8.