Board of Regents - As introduced, adds an additional faculty member and student member to the board of regents; makes terms of such members two years and one year as a nonvoting member, one as a voting member; removes a position on the board reserved for a person now deceased. - Amends TCA Section 49-8-201(a) and (b).
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    Assigned to Gen. Sub of: S. Ed. Comm.03/14/2012
    Placed on S. Ed. Comm. cal. for 3/14/201203/07/2012
    P2C, ref. to S. Ed. Comm.01/30/2012
    Sponsor(s) Added.01/26/2012
    Intro., P1C.01/26/2012
    Filed for intro.01/25/2012
    Actions For HB3404Date
    Taken Off Notice For Cal. in s/c Finance Subcommittee of Finance, Ways & Means Committee 04/17/2012
    Placed on s/c cal Finance Subcommittee for 4/18/201204/11/2012
    Action Def. in s/c Finance Subcommittee to 4/18/201204/11/2012
    Placed on s/c cal Finance Subcommittee for 4/11/201204/04/2012
    Assigned to s/c Finance Subcommittee04/04/2012
    Rec. For Pass. ref. to: Finance, Ways & Means Committee03/28/2012
    Placed on cal. Government Operations Committee for 3/28/201203/21/2012
    Rec. For Pass. ref. to: Government Operations Committee03/20/2012
    Placed on cal. Education Committee for 3/20/201203/14/2012
    Action Def. in Education Committee to 3/20/201203/13/2012
    Placed on cal. Education Committee for 3/13/201203/07/2012
    Action def. in Education Committee to 3/13/201203/06/2012
    Placed on cal. Education Committee for 3/6/201202/29/2012
    Rec. For Pass. by s/c ref. to Education Committee 02/29/2012
    Placed on s/c cal Education Subcommittee for 2/29/201202/22/2012
    Assigned to s/c Education Subcommittee02/01/2012
    P2C, ref. to Education Committee--Government Operations for review02/01/2012
    Intro., P1C.01/30/2012
    Filed for intro.01/26/2012
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    Increase State Expenditures - $1,500

    Bill Summary

    This bill increases the size of the board of regents from 19 to 20 members by removing anachronistic language that authorized the immediate past commissioner of education, as of July 1, 1972, to serve for a 29-year term on the board and by adding two new nonvoting members to the board. Under present law, one member of the 19-member board of regents is a faculty member who serves a one-year term and one member is a student representative who also serves a one-year term. This bill adds one additional faculty representative and one additional student representative as nonvoting members of the board. The faculty representative and student representative whose terms are scheduled to expire on June 30, 2012, will continue to serve as voting members of the board for an additional year and the faculty and student representatives who are appointed to terms beginning on or after July 1, 2012, will serve for one year as nonvoting members followed by a second year of service on the board as voting members.

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    Recommended for passage - refer to: Finance, Ways & Means Committee 3/28/2012
              Voice Vote - Ayes Prevail

    Recommended for passage - refer to: Government Operations Committee 3/20/2012
              Voice Vote - Ayes Prevail

    Recommended for passage - refer to: Education Committee 2/29/2012
              Voice Vote - Ayes Prevail

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