Teachers, Principals and School Personnel - As introduced, requires the state board of education to develop a transitional licensure program for professionals interested in teaching in grades 7-12 that does not require pedagogical study. - Amends TCA Title 49.
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    Rec. for pass. w/ am., ref. to S. FW&M Comm. Ayes 6, Nays 3 PNV 003/14/2012
    Sponsor(s) Added.03/12/2012
    Placed on S. Ed. Comm. cal. for 3/14/201203/07/2012
    Action Def. in S. Ed. Comm. to 2/29/201202/22/2012
    Placed on S. Ed. Comm. cal. for 2/22/201202/15/2012
    P2C, ref. to S. Ed. Comm.01/13/2012
    Sponsor(s) Added.01/13/2012
    Intro., P1C.01/12/2012
    Filed for intro.01/11/2012
    Actions For HB3059Date
    Action Def. in s/c Education Subcommittee to summer study03/28/2012
    Placed on s/c cal Education Subcommittee for 3/28/201203/21/2012
    Action Def. in s/c Education Subcommittee to 3/28/201203/21/2012
    Placed on s/c cal Education Subcommittee for 3/21/201203/14/2012
    Action Def. in s/c Education Subcommittee to 3/21/201203/14/2012
    Placed on s/c cal Education Subcommittee for 3/14/201203/07/2012
    Action Def. in s/c Education Subcommittee to 3/14/201202/29/2012
    Placed on s/c cal Education Subcommittee for 2/29/201202/22/2012
    Assigned to s/c Education Subcommittee01/31/2012
    P2C, ref. to Education Committee01/26/2012
    Intro., P1C.01/25/2012
    Filed for intro.01/24/2012
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    SA0720Amendment 1- to SB2298Fiscal Memo for SA0720 (13028)  
    SA0896Amendment 2-1 to SB2298Fiscal Memo for SA0896 (14623)  
    No amendments for HB3059.

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    Increase State Expenditures - $80,700/Recurring Local Expenditures - Net Impact - Not Significant/Permissive

    Bill Summary

    Present law requires the state board of education, in consultation with the department of education, to review current policies, rules and regulations pertaining to transitional licensure options and make recommendations relative to the following:

    (1) The clarification of provisions applicable to transitional license education providers affiliated with Tennessee institutions of higher education and providers that are not affiliated with a Tennessee institution of higher education, such as out-of-state or online education-related organizations;
    (2) The process by which providers or transitional licensure programs receive approval by the state, and specifically such process for those providers that have been approved for an existing partnership with an LEA; and
    (3) Informing LEAs of the availability of transitional licensure options, including the feasibility of higher education institutions providing information relative to the requirements, cost and performance of transitional licensure programs.

    The state board of education is scheduled to report its findings and recommendations to the education committees of the senate and house by February 1, 2012.

    This bill rewrites the above provisions and instead requires the state board, with the assistance of the department of education, to develop a teacher transitional licensure program under which persons, including retired persons, with expertise, either from professional experience or academic training, in subjects taught in grades seven through 12 may be hired by LEAs and directly enter the classroom with no requirement that the person complete any course of instruction in pedagogy at the time of entrance into the classroom or later. In lieu of instruction in pedagogy, the hiring LEA will be required to provide mentoring or other support, as specified by the state board, for each person in the transitional licensure program.

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    Summer Study 3/28/2012
              Voice Vote - Ayes Prevail

    Senate Floor and Committee Votes

    SB2298 by Summerville - SENATE EDUCATION COMMITTEE:
    Recommended for passage w/amendments- refer to: S. FW&M Comm. 3/14/2012

              Senators voting aye were: Campfield, Crowe, Gresham, Kelsey, Summerville, Tracy -- 6.
              Senators voting no were: Berke, Burks, Tate -- 3.