Livestock - As introduced, requires inspection of livestock by agriculture crimes unit within department of agriculture to precede inspection by county agricultural extension agents in response to alleged offenses being committed against livestock. - Amends TCA Title 39 and Title 43.
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    Assigned to Gen. Sub of S. C,L&A Comm.01/18/2012
    Sponsor(s) Added.03/03/2011
    P2C, ref. to S. C,L&A Comm.02/24/2011
    Intro., P1C.02/23/2011
    Filed for intro.02/17/2011
    Actions For HB0590Date
    P2C, ref. to Agriculture Committee02/16/2011
    Intro., P1C.02/14/2011
    Filed for intro.02/09/2011
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