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(HB 0830) by *Hensley

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TennCare - As introduced, requires TennCare managed care organizations (MCOs) to allow TennCare enrollees to request particular providers for non-emergency ambulance service and requires all providers to be reimbursed on same basis whether or not they are in the MCO's network. - Amends TCA Title 71.
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    Assigned to Gen. Sub of S. GW,H&HR Comm.04/06/2011
    P2C, ref. to S. GW,H&HR Comm.02/24/2011
    Intro., P1C.02/23/2011
    Filed for intro.02/17/2011
    Actions For HB0830Date
    Failed for Lack of Motion in: Commerce Subcommittee03/30/2011
    Placed on s/c cal Commerce Subcommittee for 3/30/201103/23/2011
    Action Def. in s/c Commerce Subcommittee to 3/30/201103/16/2011
    Placed on s/c cal Commerce Subcommittee for 3/16/201103/09/2011
    Assigned to s/c Commerce Subcommittee 03/04/2011
    P2C, ref. to Commerce Committee--Government Operations for review02/17/2011
    Intro., P1C.02/16/2011
    Filed for intro.02/14/2011
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    Under this bill, a managed care organization or its contractor who provides non-emergency ambulance service to TennCare enrollees must permit enrollees or their representatives to make requests for particular ambulance service providers for their transportation needs. The contractor must accede to such requests when reasonable and advance scheduling concerns permit.

    This bill requires that in providing non-emergency ambulance service, a managed care organization must apply the same reimbursement policies within the same service area to all transportation requests that may be filled by any appropriately licensed and credentialed ambulance service provider, whether or not the provider is an in-network provider for the managed care organization; provided, that all ambulance service providers comply with the same terms and conditions.

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