SB 1410 by *Gresham

(HB 1900) by *Hensley

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Pharmacy, Pharmacists - As introduced, requires the department of commerce and insurance to cooperate fully with the department of health in all aspects of the transfer of the board of pharmacy and the long term effects of such transfer including prompt submission of any requested documents or records. - Amends TCA Title 39, Chapter 17, Part 1; Title 56, Chapter 7, Part 31; Title 56, Chapter 57; Title 56, Chapter 7, Part 32 and Title 63.
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    Assigned to Gen. Sub of S. GW,H&HR Comm.04/06/2011
    P2C, ref. to S. GW,H&HR Comm.02/24/2011
    Intro., P1C.02/23/2011
    Filed for intro.02/17/2011
    Actions For HB1900Date
    Assigned to s/c General Sub of HHR03/01/2011
    P2C, ref. to Health & Human Resources Committee02/24/2011
    Filed for intro.02/17/2011
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