Education - As introduced, prohibits professional employees of a local school system or the department of education who are board members of professional education associations from receiving administrative leave to attend board meetings. - Amends TCA Section 8-50-110.
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    Withdrawn. 02/08/2011
    Recalled from Clerk's Desk 02/08/2011
    Filed for intro.02/07/2011
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    Bill Summary

    This bill removes from present law authorization to provide annual leave for officers and employees of professional education associations that grant membership to professional employees of LEAs and professionals employed by the state board of education so that such officers and employees can attend board meetings to conduct business of the association.

    Present law authorizes any state officer or employee who belongs to any employee association, which is qualified for payroll deduction for association dues and who is a member of the official board of such association, to annually receive up to 12 administrative leave days in order to attend board meetings to conduct business of the association.

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