Attorney General and Reporter - As introduced, directs the office of the attorney general to prepare a statement of a property owner's rights during any condemnation proceeding and to post the statement on its web site; requires that information regarding how to access the statement be sent together with any notice of the filing of a petition to institute condemnation proceedings. - Amends TCA Title 29, Chapter 17 and Title 29, Chapter 16.
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    Sponsor(s) Added.01/25/2016
    Assigned to s/c Civil Justice Subcommittee01/19/2016
    P2C, ref. to Civil Justice Committee01/14/2016
    Intro., P1C.01/13/2016
    Filed for intro.01/12/2016
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    Assigned to General Subcommittee of Senate Judiciary Committee02/08/2016
    Passed on Second Consideration, refer to Senate Judiciary Committee01/13/2016
    Introduced, Passed on First Consideration01/12/2016
    Filed for introduction01/08/2016
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    This bill requires the attorney general to prepare a written statement regarding a property owner's bill of rights and to post the bill of rights on the web site of the attorney general. This bill also requires that any notice of an eminent domain petition or condemnation proceeding include information on how the person may access the bill of rights on the attorney general's web site. This bill specifies that failure to send notice regarding the bill of rights with notice of the petition or proceeding will not be grounds for dismissal of the action.

    This bill requires the attorney general to write the written statement in plain language so as to be easily understandable by the average property owner and to include in the statement:

    (1) The title "Tennessee Landowner's Bill of Rights"; and
    (2) A description of the condemnation procedure; the condemning entity's obligations to the property owner; the property owner's options during the proceedings, including the right to object to and appeal any amount of damages awarded; and any additional relief available to the property owner.

    The landowner's bill of rights must notify each property owner of the owner's rights under current law including, the right to hire legal representation, the right to a hearing, the right to receive notice and an assessment of damages, the right to engage in negotiation with the condemning entity; and the right to appeal.

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